Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Scrum thoughts: intro

Sorry for the pause in posting--I have been a member of our support scrum team at work for the past six weeks or so, and the ensuing insanity in my work day left me too tired to post anything here. I think what I will do is pick up with a review of some of the scrum practices we're using, what works, and what doesn't, probably moving through some of the same sequences of areas as the somewhat infamous (at least around here) "Swedish Scrum" article, Scrum and XP From the Trenches. Hope you'll enjoy the discussion.


Anonymous said...

Wondering why the scrum and xp from the trenches is "infamous". Is there a post you had earlier or some link where I can find thoughts about this?

Jon said...

Hmm, I guess it was an interesting choice of words. I don't have a previous post about the article. The general background for us is: a lot of the scrum literature is heavy on theory and a little lighter on actual implementation. Then we stumbled across this article, which lays out in pretty granular detail exactly how one team had successfully implemented Scrum. We borrowed a lot of ideas and adapted them to our own ends. While we were spreading the ideas from this article we wanted to use, we were constantly referring people to it and calling it the "Swedish scrum paper".