Thursday, November 25, 2010

Intuitions about Software Development Flow

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Staff Software Engineer at Google said...

The analogy is interesting and immediately useful. However, it paints "implementable useful ideas" in a pretty bad light. Isn't an abundance of those kinds of ideas a competitive advantage, if managed effectively?

Jon Moore said...

@NewYorkJavaConsultant: I'm not sure how this paints having an abundance of "implementable useful ideas" in a bad light at all; for sure, having good things to implement is a great competitive advantage, and if you lack them, perhaps you are better off not doing more development for now.

All I'm really suggesting here is that if you have a plethora of good things to work on, that the best way to delivery as many of them as you can as quickly as possible is to focus on a smaller set of them at a time, and only start others once you've finished the first batch. This does force prioritization, but that's probably a very useful exercise anyway.

Or were you thinking along different lines here?

Oasysseo said...
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